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17 April 2019She died too soon - a study of Joan Eardly
15 May 2019Three great families and their gardens - the Astors, Rothschilds and Sackville Wests
19 June 2019Indians, buffalo and storms - the American West in the 19th Century
18 September 2019The Centenary of the Bauhaus movement
16 October 2019The history of the harp

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She died too soon - a study of Joan Eardly Amanda Herries Wednesday 17 April 2019

Joan Eardly (1921-63) was born in Sussex and studied variously in London, Glasgow, Paris and Italy. She moved to Glasgow during the war years and became part of the 'return to realism' after WWII. During her all-too-brief career she concentrated on two very different themes - children in the Townhead district of Glasgow; and an area of fishing villages and wild seas just south of Aberdeen. Following major exhibitions in 2007 and 2017 her reputation is growing fast.