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25 September 2019Lancing College and Parham House

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Lancing College and Parham House
Wednesday 25 September 2019

LANCING COLLEGE CHAPEL. Discover more about the neo-Gothc chapel, which was started in 1868 but still unfinished. It is the largest chapel in the world, designed by architects R.H. Carpenter and William Slater. Lancing College is one of the 11 schools founded by Nathaniel Woodward, an Anglo Catholic priest, to promote the christian values of the High Anglican Church. His Tomb can be seen inside the chapel. Our tour will be guided by the verger of the chapel.

On arrival at PARHAM HOUSE  Lunch will be served in THE BIG KITCHEN before making our way to the House and Garden. The Elizabethan house was bought by the Hon Clive Pearson in 1922 and it opened to the public in 1948. The Pearsons found it in a delapidated state of repair and employed the architect Victor Heal to help them carry out major renovation. Our visit will be self guided; there are room guides in each room